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About Danube IT 2014 Conference

The 2013 Danube IT conference was organized by thVojvodina ICT Cluster VOICT in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe NetworkOutsourcing Center Serbia, the National Agency for Regional DevelopmentGerman Organization for International Cooperation, and Erste Bank.



Video summary of Danube 2013 Conference

Vojvodina ICT Cluster - VOICT

VOICT provides a single point of contact with the best IT companies in Serbia, representing a total workforce of over 2,000 experienced IT professionals. VOICT builds long-term relationships based on trust and quality, bringing expertise, experience, and passion for excellence to each and every project.

The Province of Vojvodina

Vojvodina, with a population of over 2 million, is the engine of the Serbian economy, a melting pot of nations and cultures with a strong Western business tradition. University of Novi Sad, with its entrepreneurial Faculty of Technical Sciences, is a top IT industry incubator: it has spun off over 60 IT companies in the last decade, while steadily producing many well-educated and skilled graduates. In addition, Serbia is on track to become a member of the Europian Union. With highly educated, English-speaking workforce, Serbia has become a home for software development centers of numerous Europian and US companies.

Program Committee

Milan Solaja, Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Marija Stancu Mirosavljev, Enterprise Europe Network

Jelena Jovanovic, Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Smilja Krajinovic, Vojvodina ICT Cluster



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