Vladimir Mandić at TIAC group


Bilateral Meetings

  • 30.05.2014 Friday (09:00 am - 12:00 pm)

TIAC is a software company that, in a dynamic and vibrant environment, nurtures exceptional and passionate people working their hardest for their client’s benefit. With nearly 100 successful projects all over the globe behind us, we have gathered ample experience in a wide range of technologies, domains and sectors. Our team is capable to fulfill high demands in software development business. We focus on latest technologies, high development standards and good internal process, which ensures the quality of our products and services.

TIAC’s primary vision is to effectively package a cutting edge technology for our customers, to fit their needs and support their business success. We are strongly dedicated to the pursuit of best practices and methods for developing high quality software and services for our customers. Fostering good and close communication with our clients is alpha and omega of the success driven by mutual understanding and trust.

Mission of our company is to apply our knowledge of software project management and software quality assurance in software development. Our goal is to achieve a high standard software process that will ensure the high quality of development.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 11-25

Founding Year: 2004

Phone: +381 21 6341184

Email: mita.stojic@tiacgroup.com

City: Novi Sad 21000,Cirila i Metodija 13 Google map


Custom tailored software development

TIACgroup is offering services of software development outsourcing and custom tailored software development. Primary focus is on long-term partnerships that allow for flexibility of your own team through using our team. We also offer project-based cooperation options.

Technology: Microsoft .NET, Java, Android

- CCRM - Custom Customer Relationship Management - custom tailored development of customer relationship management or some specific parts of these systems from scratch (such as SFA – Sales Force Automation, B2B software etc.)
- CCMS - Custom Content Management Systems – custom tailored development of content management systems from scratch, including graphical / visual design
- CMS – Content Management Systems – implementation of off-the-shelf solutions (Umbraco etc.)
- CIMS - Custom Infrastructure Management Systems – custom tailored applications for specific needs such as interoperability, device and multiple device management, firmware etc.
- Data processing – custom applications for data processing that often include device and user interfaces, data visualization etc. Typically created for industry clients
- ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning systems

Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation

Research projects - TIAC Lab

Through our TIAC Lab we offer services of experimentation with new technologies and new ways of building software, with the possibility to apply the results within software projects that can have a commercial aspect.

TIAC Lab functions through work on Lab projects. A Lab project can be:
- Research project to probe and test new technologies
- Commercial project
A Lab project does not necessarily belong to only one of these groups. It is possible for one Lab project to involve more than one "Lab" i.e. to develop a new product while simultaneously testing a new technology.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Other