Typhoon HIL at Typhoon HIL Inc.


Bilateral Meetings

  • 30.05.2014 Friday (09:00 am - 12:00 pm)

Typhoon HIL is the technology and market leader for Test and Quality Assurance solutions in the field of power electronics control systems. Typhoon HIL platform is setting new standards for design, optimization, test, and validation with its embedded, ultra-high fidelity, and super easy to use real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) emulator. It's innovative technology is based on proprietary numerical algorithms, application specific processors, and optimized software architecture. Our HIL systems are widely used by innovative companies and engineers in automotive, solar, wind, motor drive, and traction industries to speedup time to market, reduce costs of test and QA, and improve functionality, quality, and reliability of their power electronics systems.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Email: info@typhoon-hil.ch

City: Novi Sad ,Maksima Gorkog 23 Google map