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We create GAMES! From educational to action games.

Country: United Kingdom

Organization Type: Company

Phone: 381638096269

Email: sinisa.medic@gmail.com

City: London W130BH,11 Royle Crescent Google map


Back to the West, smartphone game

Inspired by old 8 bit computer games "West Bank" on ZX Spectrum and "Bank Panic" on Commodore 64, the game Back to the West is a special tribute to hot hacker summers in mid 80’s.
Take a role of an Old West sheriff who must protect a bank and its customers from robbers.
Sheriff must watch three bank doors. The doors will open to reveal a customer (who will drop a bag of money, making a deposit), a robber (who will attempt to shoot the player) or a … well, You can find out the rest…

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4 Kids: Guess the shape quiz, smartphone game

Interesting image is hidden behind the shape, and your kid has to click on the right answer to guess what the image represents. This quiz game develops children`s mental skills.
Let them play this game in 75 colorful levels.
Software back button is locked so that your child can feel free to hold the device without fear that he will accidentally exit the game.

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4 Kids: Maze Puzzle, smartphone game

Are you fan of Maze puzzles? Then 4 Kids: Maze is definitively for you, or for your kids!
Find the right path out of the Maze.
When you solve one puzzle you'll get another one, more complicated than previous. Continue to play the game for another 75 levels.
In a case you are lost somewhere in the map this application allows you to go back to your start position or shows you the right path.

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4 Kids: Shape it, smartphone game

This educational game will teach your kids to recognize shapes, developing their mental skills while they play the game.
Put the pieces to the right place to reveal the hidden image.
75 levels with nice graphics ensures that your child will have fun, and learn new skills.
Treat yourself with some free time and entertain your toddler with the help of our latest game.

Keywords: gamekidseducationalshapesiphoneandroid

4Kids: Connect the Dots, smartphone game

Teach your children to count the numbers by connecting the dots to reveal the hidden image. Your kid will play the game and learn to count in English
Our hint system will point your kid where is the next dot to connect after some time, and correct connecting is followed by the voice spelling that number. So don't be surprised when you hear your kid spelling numbers.
Your kid will reveal 75 colorful images, including singing pens, starfish, sun, smiling truck, and many other interesting things...

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