Péter Kristóf at Ulyssys Serbia d.o.o.


As the most competent IT company providing services for the agricultural and rural development sector, Ulyssys has started its regional expansion in 2009 with Ulyssys Serbia to provide a cost efficient resource pool for international developments. Just after a short period, the vast knowledge transfer from the mother company made Ulyssys Serbia capable of delivering its own services to Serbian customers. Since Ulyssys is reputed also in the whole region as supplier of the most complex payment system for the agriculture, the Serbian based company easily became the software supplier of the Directorate of Agricultural Payments in Serbia, which organization is designated to spread the rural development subsidies from the EU pre-accession funds (IPARD).

The main professional experience of the staff are in application of object oriented event driven programming and 4th generation development tools, Java programming language and building large-scale SQL databases. According to the latest requirements, Ulyssys delivers browser-enabled products and solutions to PDAs. In analysis and planning Ulyssys uses UML or CASE tools according to the requirements of the client. Both client/server and new component-based application server type applications, including applications to handheld devices are among the recent developments. In some projects Ulyssys also supports legacy systems from the late 20th century; it has competencies in development of mathematical packages in Fortran and system development in C and C++...

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Country: Serbia

Organization Size: 1-10

Founding Year: 2009

Phone: 024/853-155

Email: office@ulyssys.rs

City: Ada 24430,Trg oslobođenja 11 Google map

Offer & Request

Software Development

Smart d.o.o. develops different software products, depending on the requirements of customers.
In that context, we offer our knowledge and great experts in way to develop software products based on the needs and requirements of the customers.
Large business experience represents the evidence of our willingness to match different and specific requirements.
In the context of all above mentioned business proposals, we certainly expect the proper opportunity to show our knowledge and expertize.



We provide an offer related to outsourcing of our experts (SharePoint). We are offering our people's knowledge in way to become involved in some huge projects on similar technologies. Also, we are offering an opportunity of joint work our company with some other ICT company on any other huge project, when there is a need for more experts in order to provide the best project results.


EU project cooperation

We offer our knowledge and expertize in way to develop and submit some of the EU project proposals, made through any available EU funding programme. We are interested in joint work on sharing the knowledge and ICT project experience.