Juergen Kappenmann , Consultant at Consultancy

Business and legal consultancy for multi-national companies and public sector in EU and SEE countries.

Fields of expertise comprise
- Cross-border trade and business relations between German and Serbian ICT industries,
- Sales and outsourcing,
- Business process and project management,
- Start-up and VC support
- EU projects and funding.

Over the years J├╝rgen Kappenmann worked closely with all major ICT and start-up stakeholders in Serbia gathering a profound understanding of the industry which is translated into several publications on ICT and EU affairs. Shuttling between his Serbian and native German residence he helps to connect companies and industries in both regions.

Country: Germany

Organization Type: Consultant

Phone: +381-69-1974730

Email: juergen.kappenmann@karer.com

City: Wernau ,Ulrichstrasse 19, 73249 Wernau Google map

Areas of Activities

Vertical Markets

  1. Discrete Manufacturing
  2. Process Manufacturing
  3. Utilities
  4. Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media
  5. Business Services
  6. Banking
  7. Central Government
  8. Local Government and Gov. Institutions

End User Segments

  1. Very Large Systems
  2. Large Enterprises [1]
  3. Medium Companies [2]
  4. Small Companies [3]
  5. Micro Companies [4]
  6. Small Office
  7. Government and Gov. Institutions [5]
Offer & Request

Process, Sales and Market Access Consulting

Offer: Consultancy on business process management, German market (access) and EU-funded projects

Request: Cooperation partners and clients in the offered fields