Sasa Jovanovic , CEO at Skippaz DOO


Skippaz is a team of web design & development professionals based in Belgrade, Serbia with a satellite office in Winston-Salem, NC. We excel in delivering digital projects, from corporate websites to full-blown custom applications.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Email: sasa@skippaz.com

City: Belgrade ,Spanskih Boraca 24 Google map

Areas of Activities

Programming Languages

  1. JavaScript
  2. PHP

Web Design

  1. PHP and MySQL
  2. JavaScript

End User Segments

  1. Very Large Systems
  2. Large Enterprises [1]
  3. Medium Companies [2]
  4. Small Companies [3]
  5. Micro Companies [4]
  6. Small Office
  7. Education

Application Types

  1. CMS - Content Management System
  2. DMS - Document Mngm. System/Image Mngm.
  3. CRM / Helpdesk / Front Office
  4. Web applications
  5. Web applications

Broker of our services

We need a company or a person who will represent us in foreign countries.