Marina Blagojevic at ICT Net

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Cluster

Organization Size: 1-10

Email: marina.blagojevic@ict-net.com


Matching supply and demand

Forwarding of every request submitted to the cluster by other companies having the need for ICT products or services.


Organization of professional events

Promotion of the cluster and its member companies, as well as their projects, through the demonstration of knowledge and competence in various ICT fields, as well as by giving an opportunity to our foreign partners to present themselves to the member companies, are the objectives we primarily strive for in the organization of this type of events.


Promotion of projects and fundraising

The Cluster promotes projects of all its member companies and actively works on the provision of funds for their realization. Our member companies include enterprises with many years’ experience in the realization of different types of projects, which represents an excellent opportunity to find reliable and experienced partners. Through involvement of partners from other countries in our activities we are creating a unique network for exchanging ideas and opening possibilities for realization of new, joint projects.