Milan Kasl , owner at HLIMONT s.r.o.


The company HLIMONT functioned as a company that assembled metalworking abroad. In 2007 The company HLIMONT expand as an employment agency for manufacturing companies (outsourcing) - We have a license for employment as a recruitment agency in the Czech Republic, according to the law we are insured.
From 11/2011, the company began to focus on metal production and welding- to create individual parts, assemblies, or large scale structures.
5 employees is in charge of assembling works, 5-10 employees work in other companies (outsourcing) and 10 employees are in our workshop.

Country: Czech Republic

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +420725717871

Email: m.kasl@seznam.cz

City: Havířov ,Školní 278/41 Google map

Areas of Activities

Vertical Markets

  1. Construction
  2. Process Manufacturing