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ZESIUM mobile Ltd, Novi Sad is an ambitious dynamic company with clear strategy and mission to utilize latest and emerging communication and information technologies in order to improve business and satisfaction of our customers. ZESIUM employs highly educated engineers with valuable experience and strong professional background in the IT domain, ranging from software design and development, product validation, testing and test management, to a variety of consultancy services.Our strong ability and confidence to match customer expectations stems from heritable experience initially gained by our parent companies, ZESIUM mobile GmbH, Munich, and NSCom doo, Novi Sad, through their 8 years of successful business in mobile & wireless communications. Having firm determination to succeed in making our visions alive, ZESIUM team has just continued to enhance this experience by itself. Our secret is in careful listening to the particular needs of our customers, promoting free idea and information sharing within company necessary for spotting and resolving technical and business issues and using our passion, innovation and creativity to provide our customers with state-of-the-art top quality solutions and products. This is proven by a number of R&D and outsourcing projects that have been successfully completed on-time, as well as with our customer list that includes strong, worldwide operating players in mobile telecommunication and chip manufacturing industry.

Areas of Activity

1. Vertical Markets

Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media
Central Government
Local Government and Gov. Institutions

2. Programming Languages


3. Web Design

Java, e.g. J2EE or WebObjects

4.End User Segments

Large Enterprises [1]
Government and Gov. Institutions [5]

5. Application Types

Wireless and Mobile Service
Other business applications

Country: Serbia

Organization Size: 11-25

Phone: +381214721548

Email: darko.milic@zesium.com

City: Novi Sad 21000,Valentina Vodnika 8/9 Google map


System integration services - SW protocols, data acquisition, processing, distribution and presentat


If you have software interoperability or communication problems between different software or hardware systems, Zesium shall offer you full support to overcome them through innovative, creative and proactive approach. Our highly educated engineers and software developers shall provide you with the adequate and top quality solution which is totally in line with your requirements and needs


We don't offer pure outsourcing but rather emphasise tightly work with customer on requirements, issues and final solutions through proactive and creative approach avoiding hidden costs and technical constrains.
In cooperation with us, customer doesn't get just development team but reliable partner who advances his product and saves resources through valuable and professional advices.
In accordance with particular customer's needs, we form dedicated and transparent team consisted of experts in particular area of integration.

Knowledge transfer and tight cooperation with Department of Telecommunication and Signal Processing of Technical Faculty of Science in Novi Sad ensure state-of-the-art top quality solutions.
In post development phase, Zesium stays with customer and our experts are also available for further development and support.

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Custom mobile solutions design and development services


Zesium mobile d.o.o. has 6 years long experience in nearshore and offshore software outsourcing. Our team is comprised of experts who are masters in Java ME/SE/EE, iPhone and Android technologies and we constantly and diligently work to leverage the full potential of the these platforms in order to build mobile enterprise and mass market applications and solutions. Whether by porting an existing applications or services to different platform or developing them from scratch, we can help you to become a part of currently fastest growing mobile phones market in the world.


The key point is in instigation of open communication, knowledge, ideas and information sharing within company, which all contribute to better understanding of possible issues and contriving optimal solutions.
Zesium team covers all necessary roles for successful and efficient project execution and completion, from skilled and knowledgeable developers to team leaders with experience in project management and interpersonal communication.
We are a final product oriented company that uses structural approach for project planning and software development, which in turn guarantees quality of utilised processes and final products.
Engaged on a project, Zesium guaranties sufficient number of quality engineers during project execution through tight cooperation with Technical Faculty of Science in Novi Sad and their recruiting and training processes.
Working together with Zesium, our partners can concentrate on quality of project outcomes, leaving us to take care of all logistic issues like quality and satisfaction of employees, necessary equipment and space for project realization. 
Zesium team has experience with working on international projects with multinational participants and easily adapts to procedures and requirements of our clients.


Operating Systems: Linux • uLinux • Apoxi • iPhone • AndroidSoftware: UML • Java EE • Java SE • J2ME • Ajax • PHP • Hibernate • Qt • IBM ILOG JViews MapsServers & Databases: Apache • Tomcat • MySQL • PostgreSQL • HSQL • Oracle • GlassFish

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